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Gaze of Nirvana | Premium Wall Painting In Stock

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Set content: Set of 5 Wall art
Type: Painting
Mounting type
: Wall
Colour: Multicolour
Pattern: Golden Buddha
Shape: Rectangular
Size & Fit: Dimensions: 1.3 mtrs X 76 cm X 0.5 cm (length x width x Height) each Material & Care
Canvas: Wipe with dry & Clean cloth to remove dust
Product Code: 22325666

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Gaze of Nirvana” is a premium wall painting available at Random Studio’s online store. This captivating piece of art encapsulates the essence of enlightenment as it is exemplified by Buddha, illuminated by a radiant golden light. Buddha’s calm eyes and tranquil expression convey a sense of spiritual enlightenment and inner calm. Intricate golden chakras and artistic motifs adorn the background, symbolising the interconnectedness of all things and the voyage towards enlightenment. They surround him. Viewers are encouraged to reflect on the profound wisdom and universal truths that Buddha’s gaze embodies, as each painting component is meticulously crafted. “Gaze of Nirvana” is a poignant reminder to pursue inner harmony and transcendence amid the intricacies of life. This radiant representation of spiritual enlightenment is available at Random Studio’s online store. Elevate the look of your space. 

Additional information

Product Dimension

120cm X 76cm X 0.5cm

Canvas Set

Vinyle Set of 5 (10.5" X 30" Each)


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