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Blue 3D Space Wall Clock with Astronaut Analogue Clock In Stock

599.00 1,499.00

Colour: Blue and white
Theme: Contemporary
Material: Plastic
Size & Fit
: 12 cm x 12 cm x 2 cm
Care Instructions 
Clean it with a soft cotton cloth or soft brush, do not touch the clock hands.
Replace the battery in time, do not use a leaked battery. Avoid moisture content
Product Code: 21101784

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The “Blue 3D Space with Astronaut Analogue Wall Clock” is a stunning piece of home décor that embodies elegance and sophistication. Crafted in various shades of blue, including baby blue, royal blue, and titan blue, this wall clock adds a touch of serenity to any living space. Made from high-quality metal, the clock features intricate detailing that showcases its superior craftsmanship. Manufactured in India, this large navy blue 3D space wall clock boasts an analog mechanism with glass cover for added protection. The seamless integration of blue and white hues creates a harmonious contrast that effortlessly catches the eye.

Moreover, the incorporation of a digital display complements the traditional analog design flawlessly; hence it can even used as a functional device in kitchens or offices. With its vibrant LED lighting and mosaic patterns resonating within its design elements, this magnificent timepiece truly stands out among other clocks available on the market today – making it perfect for those who seek both functionality and aesthetic appeal.


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