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Black Analogue Plastic Wall Clock In Stock

599.00 3,495.00

Coffee Brown and Black
Analogue wall clock

Size & Fit
: 12 X 12 X 2 inches(length x width x height)

 Care Instructions
Clean it with a soft cotton cloth.
Replace the battery in time, do not use a leaked battery. Avoid moisture content

Product Code: 17034916

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Black Analogue Plastic Wall Clock at Random Studio, carefully crafted with attention to detail and precision. Its sleek black plastic frame exudes a sense of modern elegance, effortlessly complementing any interior decor. The clock’s dial features bold, white numerals that contrast beautifully against the black background, providing easy readability from a distance. Each hours marked by a slender silver hand. While the minute and second hands gracefully sweep across the dial in perfect synchronization. The clock’s passive design seamlessly blends into its surroundings, subtly enhancing the ambiance of any space without overpowering other elements.

Expertly engineered and constructed from durable materials, this plastic wall clock ensures long-lasting performance and reliability. With its silent quartz movement mechanism, timekeeping becomes an unobtrusive presence in one’s daily routine—a constant companion ticking away moments quietly but steadfastly.


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