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Random Set of 10 3D Sparkle & Shine Collage Photo Frames In Stock

1,499.00 3,748.00

Colour: White
Capacity: 10 photos
Product Dimensions: 34 x 66 x 1
Care & Awareness: Wipe with a clean, dry cloth to remove dust
Frame Material: Wood
Number of Photos: 8 to 12
Product Code: RF-1755

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Our Random Set of 10 3D ‘Sparkle & Shine’ Collage Photo Frames will bring a ray of light into your environment. In addition to providing a fashionable method to exhibit your most treasured memories, these frames are designed to give an air of sophistication and depth to your interior design. Because of their adaptable shape, they can be easily integrated into any space, making them ideal for displaying photographs of the family, commemorating significant events, or constructing a stunning gallery wall.

This breathtaking collection of collage frames will take your home decor to the next level and let your most treasured memories shine brightly. Perfect for any decor, they seamlessly blend into any room, making them ideal for family photos, special occasions, or creating a captivating gallery wall. Let your favorite moments sparkle and shine with this stunning set of 3d collage frame designs, elevating your interior design with glamour.