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Study Table (Top Study Table Styles and Designs for Every Space) In Stock

3,800.00 6,667.00

<strong>Color&lt;/strong&gt;: Dark Oak & White Mapple
Product Dimensions(inches )</strong>: 40 x 19 x 30
Set: 1 study Table with,
Wooden Pannel: 9
Minifix</strong>: 12
/>Dowel: 22
<strong>Packing Dimensions(in inches)
: 41 x 20 x 5
Material: Engineered wood
Product Weight (KG)</strong>: 19<br />pkg weight (KG): 21

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The Study Table (Top Study Table Styles and Designs for Every Space) at Random Studio, where a wide range of study tables can found. A variety of options are available to suit every individual’s needs, such as the appealing buy study tables that captures one’s attention with its sleek design. The study table with drawers offers ample storage space for all your books and stationary, ensuring a clutter-free workspace. Additionally, there a study table with bookshelf attached to it, allowing easy access to reference materials without having to search elsewhere.

For those who prefer durability and elegance, the solid wood study tables stands out as an excellent choice providing both sturdiness and aesthetic appeal. If you’re looking for extra storage possibilities, the study tables with shelf enables effective organization of your belongings in a neat manner. Furthermore, if spaces limited in your room or office area, the wall mounted study tables serves as an innovative solution by maximizing floor space while still offering practicality.

With numerous options available including long study tables perfect for group work sessions or projects that require ample surface area; finding a suitable piece near you will not be challenging thanks to their convenient location within close proximity at Random Studio!


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