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Sunkissed Mountain – Canvas Wall Painting In Stock

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The Sunkissed Mountain – Canvas Wall Painting at Random Studio, an exquisite piece of mandala canvas art that has skilfully crafted using a modern canvas painting technique. The canvas has stretched meticulously to ensure a smooth and perfect surface for the artwork. A Krishna painting on canvas can seen in the center, showcasing the divine essence of Lord Krishna in a passive yet captivating manner. Surrounding it, there are intricate details of Shiva canvas painting, depicting the powerful energy and serenity emanating from Lord Shiva.

The abstract wall art painting features vibrant colors and geometric patterns that evoke a sense of transcendence and spirituality. Adjacent to it is a tree canvas painting, portraying nature’s beauty with its lush foliage reaching towards the sky. An abstract Buddha painting adds an element of tranquility to this breathtaking artwork while capturing the essence of enlightenment. Finally, completing this masterpiece is a scenery canvas wall painting that transports viewers into mesmerizing landscapes filled with sun-kissed mountains enveloped by serene skies and tranquil waters.

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Product Dimension

60.96cm X 60.96cm X 1.25

Canvas Set

Canvas Set of 3 (16" X 30" Each)


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