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The Dawn of a New Era | Premium Wall Painting In Stock

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Set content: Set of 5 Wall art
Type: Painting
Mounting type
: Wall
Colour: Multicolour
Pattern: Ganesha, the Bringer of Peace and Harmony
Shape: Rectangular
Material: Canvas
Size & Fit: Dimensions: 1.3 mtrs X 76 cm X 0.5 cm (length x width x Height) each Material & Care
Canvas: Wipe with dry & Clean cloth to remove dust
Product Code: 23270220

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The Dawn of a New Era” is a captivating, premium wall painting available exclusively at Random Studio’s online store. This enchanting artwork unveils a 3D aesthetic illustration of a darling little deer, its endearing eyes glistening with wonder and innocence. Against a backdrop of soft hues and subtle textures, the deer symbolises hope and renewal, heralding the arrival of a new era filled with promise and possibility. With its whimsical charm and intricate detailing, the painting invites viewers to embark on a journey of discovery and imagination.

As the dawn breaks and a new day dawns, the deer serves as a beacon of light, guiding us towards a future brimming with beauty and opportunity. “The Dawn of a New Era” is more than just a painting—it’s a celebration of new beginnings and the boundless potential that lies ahead. Elevate your space with this delightful depiction of optimism and wonder, available now at Random Studio’s online store.

Additional information

Set content

Pcs5, 3D Deer Wall Art


Wall painting


Khaki, Beige orange



Size & Fit

Dimension: 24 cm x 76 cm (Length x Height)

Material & Care

Canvas and Wood
Wipe with a clean, dry cloth when needed


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