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Brown Wooden Printed Wall Clock In Stock

299.00 1,425.00

Color: Brown and Black
Material: Plastic
Brand: Random
Size & Fit
: Height: 7.62 cm, Width: 25.4 cm, Length: 25.4 cm
Care & Awareness: Clean it with a soft cotton cloth or soft brush; do not touch the clock hands. Replace the battery in time; do not use a leaked battery. Avoid moisture content
Product Code: 19752932
Special Feature: Large Display, Multiple Time Zone

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Our Brown Wooden Printed Wall Clock is a beautiful addition to any room and will give rustic warmth to it. With its authentic wood print style, this clock provides living spaces, kitchens, bedrooms, or workplaces with a hint of rustic elegance. This wall clock was meticulously crafted, including premium materials for long-lasting sturdiness and a lightweight, portable design. It is stylish and practical, with easy-to-read digits and precision movement guaranteeing accurate timekeeping.

This clock is an excellent option for adding rustic features to a modern room or designing a warm and inviting cabin hideaway. This Brown Wooden Printed Wall Clock combines warmth and flair with accuracy. This rustic clock has a lovely printed pattern—a traditional brown wooden frame with a simple wooden design. The high-quality quartz movement ensures reliable timekeeping, while the easy-to-read dial keeps you on schedule.




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