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Random Unisex Black Plastic Wall Clock In Stock

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Set Content: 1 Wall Cum Table Clock, 1 No. AA Battery,1 Warranty card, Colour: Black

Size & Fit

Dimension: Height:7.62 cm, Width: 25.4 cm, Length: 25.4 cm

Care & Awareness

Clean it with soft cotton cloth or soft brush, do not touch the clock hands.Replace the battery in time, do not use leaked battery. Avoid moisture content

Product Code: 19752856

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The Random Unisex Black Plastic Wall Clock, meticulously crafted by Random Studio, a renowned brand in the industry. The exquisite design of this wall clock transcends time and brings a touch of elegance to any living space. Whether it’s placed in the bedroom or living room, this digital wall clock effortlessly complements various interior styles with its sleek and minimalistic aesthetic. Crafted from high-quality plastic, it exudes durability while retaining a lightweight feel. The black hue adds an element of sophistication that seamlessly integrates into both modern and antique settings alike.

Measuring at a generous size, this wall clock commands attention without overwhelming the room’s decor. For those seeking convenience, Random Studio offers an online platform where customers can easily browse through their extensive collection of unique and custom-designed wall clocks. With just a few clicks, individuals can find the perfect addition to their home’s ambiance without having to leave the comfort of their own space. Additionally, for enthusiasts who prefer physical shopping experiences, there is also a brick-and-mortar store located nearby that houses an array of options including wooden wall clocks and pendulum-style designs for those seeking something more traditional.

Rest assured that whichever option you choose from Random Studio’s offerings; you will bringing home not just a functional timepiece but also a statement piece that embodies style and grace like no other – truly showcasing why they known for creating some of the black plastic wall clock available today!


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