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Wooden Shoe Rack & Shoes Organiser With 2 Shelves In Stock

999.00 2,332.00

color: Mahogany
Product Dimensions(inches ): 18 x 24 x 12
Set: 1 Shoe Rack With,
Wooden Panels: 5
Buffer?: 4
Screw?: 12
Packing Dimensions(in inches)?: 13.6 x 10 x 24.6
Material?: Engineered wood?
Product Weight (KG): 6.8
pkg weight (KG): 19
Product Code: 94036002

SKU: 94036002 Category:
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Wooden Shoe Rack & Shoes Organiser With 2 Shelves at Random Studio, a masterpiece of craftsmanship, meticulously designed to meet all your shoe storage needs. Constructed from durable sheesham wood, this exquisite wooden shoe cabinet with doors exudes elegance and charm in every detail. The large wooden shoe rack can accommodate an extensive collection of footwear, offering ample space for all types and sizes. With its sleek design and solid wood structure, this shoe rack ensures durability that will last for years to come.

The inclusion of doors adds a touch of sophistication while keeping your shoes protected from dust and dirt. Its tall stature allows you to utilize vertical space efficiently, making it the best option for those with limited floor area. Additionally, the incorporation of a seat on top enhances functionality by providing a convenient spot for comfortably putting on or taking off shoes before stepping out into the world. Whether you are seeking practicality or elegance. This wooden tall shoe rack effortlessly combines both qualities in one exceptional piece of furniture. A true gem from Random Studio’s collection.


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