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Aurora’s Leafy Embrace – Canvas Wall Painting In Stock

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Set content: 1 Wall Art
Type: Wall painting
Color: Multi-colour
Pattern: Flower
Frame included: yes
Size & Fit
Dimension: 60.96cm X 60.96cm X 1.25
Material & Care
Canvas and Wood
Wipe with a clean, dry cloth when needed
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At Random Studio, Aurora’s Leafy Embrace, a modern art canvas wall painting, created with utmost precision and attention to detail. The delicate strokes of the brush effortlessly bring alive the bird paintings on canvas, capturing their vibrant feathers and graceful flight in a mesmerizing manner. The couples canvas painting showcases Radha Krishna in an enchanting embrace, evoking feelings of love and devotion. The textured painting canvas adds depth and dimension to this beautiful artwork, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in its captivating aura. Crafted with finesse, this nature canvas painting captures the splendor of Mother Earth’s creation – from rolling hills to lush forests – transporting us into a world where tranquility reigns supreme.

Despite its intricate details and artistic value, the canvas wall painting price remains affordable for art enthusiasts seeking a masterpiece for their collection. Lastly, Ganesha painting on canvas adorns this abstract art masterpiece as a symbol of prosperity and wisdom—truly making Aurora’s Leafy Embrace an alluring work of art that captivates both the eyes and soul alike.

Additional information

Product Dimension

60.96cm X 60.96cm X 1.25

Canvas Set

Canvas Set of 1 (24" x 24")


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