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Center Table for Your Space In Stock

3,799.00 9,947.00

Product Dimensions(inches ):35.43 x 19.68 x 19.68
Set : 1 Coffee table
Minifex, Dowel, Buffer: 8,17,4
Material: Engineered wood

SKU: C14-CFT-009-1 Category:
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The Center Table for Your Space at Random Studio, meticulously crafted from high-quality materials, with a solid wood round center table design that exudes elegance and sophistication. The wooden teapoy price may vary, but its exceptional craftsmanship and durability make it worth every penny. It features a round natural wood center table top that showcases the beauty of the grain patterns, adding warmth and charm to any space.

The round wood pedestal coffee table expertly constructed to provide stability while also infusing a touch of gracefulness. With its ample storage capacity, the round wood storage center table efficiently keeps your belongings organized yet easily accessible. This real wood round center tables acts as a focal point in any room, effortlessly blending with various interior styles due to its timeless design. The unique round shape emphasizes unity and balance in your living area, making it an ideal choice for gatherings or simply enjoying quiet moments alone. From its sturdy construction to its fine attention to detail, this large round coffee table wood exemplifies excellence in both form and function – an exquisite addition to elevate your home decor experience!


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