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Engineered Wood Center Table In Stock

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Product Dimensions(inches): 31.49 x 19.68 x 17.71
Set: 1 Center Table
Minifix,Dovel,Buffer: 13,21,4
Material: Engineered wood

SKU: C14-CFT-010-1 Category:
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The Engineered Wood Center Table crafted using a combination of wood and glass, resulting in a stunning centre table wooden with glass design. The meticulous construction process involves the integration of high-quality sagwan wood to ensure durability and strength. With its sleek appearance, this glass and wood center table adds an elegant touch to any living space. Carefully selected teak logs utilized to create a sturdy foundation for this exquisite piece of furniture. The unique round shape enhances its aesthetic appeal while providing ample surface area for placing decorative items or serving refreshments.

A seamless fusion of materials achieved by incorporating a central glass panel that beautifully contrasts with the warm tones of the wooden frame, creating an appealing focal point in any room setting. Additionally, the blend of wood and glass makes maintenance effortless as it resists stains while maintaining its sophisticated allure over time. This wood table with glass center perfectly harmonizes traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design elements, making it an ideal choice for those seeking elegance and functionality in their homes.


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