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Furniture Solid Wood Center Table In Stock

4,399.00 12,042.00

Product Dimensions(inches ) : 35.43 x 19.68 x 19.68
Set: 1 Center Table
Minifex, Dowel,Buffer:  16,24,4
Material: Engineered wood

SKU: C14-CFT-011-1 Category:
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Solid Wood Center Table at Random Studio, meticulously crafted to perfection, making it an ideal choice as a wooden center table for the living room. Made from premium quality sheesham wood, this solid wood center table exudes elegance and sophistication. The exquisite design features a sleek round hardwood coffee table with a mesmerizing glass top, effortlessly blending classic aesthetics with contemporary style. Every detail of this center table has thoughtfully considered, resulting in a flawless piece that seamlessly complements any interior decor.

The rich tones of the sheesham wood radiate warmth and add a touch of natural beauty to the space. With its sturdy construction and durable materials, this center table made of wood ensures longevity while providing ample surface area for displaying decorative items or serving refreshments during gatherings. Imbued with timeless charm and versatility, the central table wooden glass becomes the focal point in any living room setting – inviting guests to admire its craftsmanship and indulge in moments of shared conversations around its captivating allure.


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