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The Evolution of Center Tables In Stock

3,289.00 11,747.00

Product Dimensions(inches ):35.43 x 19.68 x 17.71
Set: 1 Centre table
Minifex  24
Dovel 36
Buffer+Screw 4
Packing Dimensions(in inches):925x525x125
Material: Engineered wood
Product Weight (KG): 26
HSN Code: 94036000

SKU: centre-table-the-evolution-of-coffee-centre-tables-carbon-14 Category:
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The Evolution of Center Tables at Random Studio has marked by an ever-changing assortment of wooden teapoy prices. The solid wood round coffee table, with its timeless design and sturdy construction. introduced as the studio, first foray into center table craftsmanship. As demand grew, a round natural wood coffee table, developed to cater to those seeking a more organic aesthetic. This followed by the creation of a round wood pedestal coffee table. Which exuded elegance and sophistication in every curve.

To meet the needs of customers requiring additional storage space. A round wood storage coffee table was ingeniously designed with cleverly concealed compartments. As authenticity became increasingly valued, the studio introduced a real wood round coffee table made from sustainably sourced timber. A desire for simplicity led to the unveiling of the minimalist yet strikingly beautiful round coffee table natural wood variant. Seeking innovation while retaining tradition, the studio unveiled their unique take on center tables – a round wood block coffee table that combined contemporary ingenuity with rustic charm.

Finally, recognizing that grandeur knows no bounds. They created a large round coffee table made entirely from exquisite solid woods sourced worldwide. Truly an opulent centerpiece fit for any luxurious setting at Random Studio‘s offered at varying wooden teapoy prices throughout their evolution journey


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