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Eerie Eclipse – Canvas Wall Art Painting In Stock

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The Eerie Eclipse canvas wall art painting meticulously crafted by Random Studio, designed to complement any living room decor. This painted canvas masterpiece showcases an abstract composition that effortlessly captivates the viewer’s attention. The black canvas serves as a striking backdrop for the intricate brushstrokes and distinct color palette, creating a mesmerizing visual experience. The abstract wall painting skilfully framed, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and allowing it to seamlessly blend into various interior settings.

Crafted on high-quality canvas, this artwork exudes an air of sophistication while adding a touch of modernity to any space. Embodying the essence of abstract art in black and white hues, this exquisite canvas wall art painting truly becomes the focal point of any room it graces.

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Product Dimension

60.96cm X 60.96cm X 1.25

Canvas Set

Canvas Set of 3 (16" X 30" Each)


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