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Set of 4 Coffee Brown MDF Basic Planter Stand In Stock

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Set content: 4 basic Planter Stand
Colour: coffee brown
Material: MDF
Height: 24.13 cm
Width: 23.62 cm
Depth: 10.16 cm
Care & Awareness: Wipe with a clean, dry cloth when needed
Multipack Set: 4
Product Code: 14374100

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A set of 4 Coffee Brown MDF Basic Planter Stands at Random Studio is available for those seeking an elegant and functional plant stand for their balcony, outdoor pot stand, or flower stand. Crafted with the utmost care, these stands specifically designed to withstand the elements of nature, making them suitable for any outdoor space. The sturdy construction ensures that your precious plants remain securely displayed while adding a touch of sophistication to your garden. With multiple levels and ample space, these garden pot stands provide an organized oasis where you can proudly showcase a variety of floral arrangements or even create a vibrant herb garden.

Additionally, they offer versatility as inside plant stands too – perfect for bringing greenery into your living room or any indoor setting. Moreover, the inclusion of wall plant hangers allows you to effortlessly hang potted plants and explore new and creative ways to adorn your walls with flourishing foliage. Each planter stand exudes elegance without compromising functionality – truly embodying its purpose as a reliable companion in enhancing the beauty of both indoor and outdoor spaces alike.


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