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Elegance Display Planter Stand In Stock

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Set content: Wooden Planter Stand
Colour: Dark Oak
Multipack Set:1
Dimensions: 9.25inchx 9.7inchx 29.5inch

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The Elegance Display Planter Stand at Random Studio, a meticulously crafted piece of art, showcasing the versatility and functionality of planter stands. The pot stand delicately designed with intricate patterns, exuding an aura of sophistication and elegance. A flower pot stand that effortlessly enhances any interior decor, it seamlessly blends into its surroundings while drawing attention to the lush foliage resting atop its sturdy structure. With its sleek lines and impeccable craftsmanship, this pot and stand combination showcases the plant on stand in all its glory.

The plant and stand duo creates a harmonious balance between nature and design, inviting tranquility into any indoor space. Crafted from metal or wooden materials, this corner planter stand adds a touch of timeless beauty to even the most mundane corners of your home or office. As you admire the carefully selected plants perched on their respective pedestals, you can’t help but appreciate how these plant stands become works of art themselves—silent guardians nurturing life’s vibrant greenery within their elegant frames.

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Dark Oak

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"Set content: set of 1 Wooden Planter Stand,
Color : Dark Oak,
Material : Engineered Wood
Type : Planter Stand
Mount : Wall Mounting
Note: The props in the image used for photo shoot purpose only. The actual product supplied will be the wall shelf only."


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