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3 Tier Wooden Planter Stand for Indoor & Outdoor (Dark oak) In Stock

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3 Tier Wooden Planter Stand for Indoor & Outdoor (Dark oak) at Random Studio is a versatile and elegant piece of furniture that can be used as a plant stand for balconies or outdoor spaces. Crafted from high-quality dark oak, this pot stand outdoor adds a touch of sophistication to any setting. Its sturdy construction ensures stability and durability even in harsh weather conditions, making it ideal as a flower stand outdoor. With its three tiers, garden pot stands provide ample space for displaying an assortment of beautiful plants and flowers, creating a vibrant and eye-catching focal point on your balcony or in your garden. The plant wall hangers offer additional options for showcasing hanging plants, adding an extra layer of visual interest to your green oasis.

Moreover, the inside plant stand is equally impressive with its sleek design and ability to seamlessly blend into any living room decor. Placed near windows or cozy corners, this wall plant stand allows you to effortlessly bring the beauty of nature indoors while optimizing space utilization. Additionally, its structure makes it suitable as a plant stand for hanging plants, allowing you to showcase cascading vines or trailing flowers in an enchanting display.

Overall, the 3 Tier Wooden Planter Stand by Random Studio offers multiple functionalities with style and grace. Whether used outdoors as flower pot stands or indoors as an inside plant stand or wall plant stand. This exquisite piece brings life and natural elegance to every corner it graces.

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Dark Oak

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"Set content: set of 1 Wooden Planter Stand,
Color : Dark Oak,
Material : Engineered Wood
Type : Planter Stand
Mount : Wall Mounting
Note: The props in the image used for photo shoot purpose only. The actual product supplied will be the wall shelf only."


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