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Sunlight on The Wall – Canvas Painting In Stock

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Set content: Set of 5 Wall art
Type: Painting
Mounting type:
Material: MDF, Canvas
Frame Included:
Size & Fit
Dimensions: 120cm X 76cm X 0.5cm (length x width x Height) each
Material & Care
Canvas: Wipe with dry & Clean cloth to remove dust
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The canvas painting titled “Sunlight on The Wall” captures the essence of tranquillity and warmth. This wall art painting, created with meticulous care, showcases the artist’s skillful handling of acrylic paint on canvas. The easy canvas paintings technique employed allows for a seamless blending of vibrant hues, resulting in a mesmerizing interplay between light and shadow. Acrylic colours specifically chosen for this masterpiece lend themselves beautifully to creating depth and texture within the artwork.

Every stroke of the brush contributes to the overall harmony portrayed in this home wall art painting, evoking a sense of serenity that resonates with viewers. With its striking composition and attention to detail, this enchanting piece exemplifies the timeless allure of acrylic paintings on canvas as an exquisite form of artistic expression.

Additional information

Product Dimension

60.96cm X 60.96cm X 1.25

Canvas Set

Canvas Set of 1 (24" x 24")


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