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Study Table (Designing an Ergonomic Study Table) In Stock

3,850.00 7,500.00

Color: Dark Oak
Product Dimensions(inches ): 40 x 16 x 29
Set: 1 study Table
Wooden Pannel: 8
Minifix: 19
Dowel: 32
Packing Dimensions(in inches):41 x 17 x 5
Material: Engineered wood
Product Weight (KG): 22
pkg weight (KG):

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At Random Studio, a portable study table, designed with utmost care to ensure it meets the requirements of every individual. The best materials sourced to create this ergonomic masterpiece, which aims to provide comfort and convenience for users. A cheap study table that doesn’t compromise on quality is what we strive for, understanding the importance of affordability in today’s world. Incorporating modern design elements with functionality, this big study tables offers ample space for all your studying needs. Whether you’re a student or an adult looking for a productive workspace, our team at Random Studio ensures that this study desk caters to everyone’s needs.

Even teenagers can find solace in its sleek and contemporary design. With attention to detail and simplicity in mind, we have created a simple study tables that promotes concentration without overwhelming visual distractions. And if you’re wondering where you can find such an exceptional piece – fret not! Our study tables shop near me provides easy access so that everyone can experience the joy of studying in style and comfort.


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