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Study Table (Must-Have Accessories for Effective Learning) In Stock

3,999.00 6,667.00

Color: Dark Oak
Product Dimensions(inches ):40 x 16 x 29
Set: 1 study Table with,
Wooden Pannel,Minifix , DOwel: 8,19,32
Material: Engineered wood

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Study table, writing table for students, and mini study table meticulously designed by Random Studio to cater to the needs of effective learning. Study Table The study desk tables crafted with utmost precision, ensuring that every detail’s accounted for. The study tables for bedrooms are not only functional but also seamlessly blend with the room decor, creating a harmonious environment conducive to studying.

In addition, the foldable study tables for students provide convenience and flexibility as they can easily stored away when not in use. The laptop study tables offer ample space for laptops and other necessary materials while maintaining an ergonomic design to minimize strain on the body during extended hours of work. Moreover, the thoughtfully designed study room tables create a productive atmosphere by offering sufficient storage options and ample surface area to accommodate all essential items. Lastly, the foldable study tables for students exemplify Random Studio’s commitment to innovation by providing versatile solutions that adapt effortlessly to evolving learning spaces.


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